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ERASMUS Erfahrungsbericht an der TU Graz, Österreich

ERASMUS Erfahrungsbericht an der TU Graz, Österreich Justin Güse, Cognitive Science, Universität Osnabrück “Warum kommt man als Deutscher für ERASMUS nach Graz?” – bereitet Euch schon einmal öfters auf diese Frage vor – denn...


Neurodynamics – complete guide

 Dynamical Systems Nullcline What is the idea behind the concept of a „nullcline“? A nullcline is defined relative to one dimension of the phase space. It is the set of points(/set of states) in...

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What can a BCI be used for?

  Speller Programs Speller Programs are especially useful for people in the locked in state, meaning for people who are in a coma. Furthermore they can allow paralyzed people to communicate again. As an example...


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