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Phi Phi Island Tour

Yesterday was the moment for my triphighlight to come, I’m going to visit Maya Bay, better known as the beach of the movie “the Beach”! I booked a phi phi island tour, of course...

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Chiang Mai Day II

The next morning I had to get up early after a long night with millions of mosquito bites. I was pretty sure that I’ll get dengue fever, and that even whilst sleeping with mosquito...

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Bangkok Part II

The suicide express arrived in exchange for speeding two hours earlier! So we got kicked out at 4 am in the middle of nowhere in Bangkok (I guess they had a deal with the...


Chiang Mai Day I

As usual I made it on the train in the last minute. Not the best idea to run through Bangkok with a totally insane humidity. Still, I made it! In the train I met...


Bangkok Part I

I arrived in Bangkok just one hour late ;)! After that I tried to make my way to the hostel, but I ended up in front of a Thai house. Stupid google maps tricked...

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